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[lcdproc] Future Directions

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  • From: n9ubh AT (David Douthitt)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Future Directions
  • Date: Mon Oct 1 18:36:02 2001

Matt wrote:

> I did start writing a GTK+/GDK LCD emulator for X. It just about worked,
> you talked to a pipe/fifo instead of a device. It emulated, (or at least
> tried to emulate), a MtxOrb 20x4 LCD display. I just needed to fix it to
> behave like a real one with regards to the wrapping behvaiour, etc.
> It was reasonably modular, so you could make it emulate any other type of
> serial display.
> I haven't touched it for months, but I've still got the source kicking
> about, although it'd take me a while to get back into it.

I still think this is a GREAT idea. Testing the server is much slower
if you have to chase down a display every time; using an X emulator (or
curses) you can test non-driver code right away.

> One that works with PalmOS 4.0 & colour would be nice, then I could have
> it in green on my M505. :-)

That's not a bad idea - at least the color should be (?) easy to do...

Trouble is, I've never done Palm programming before, though I want to -
having LISP, Forth, and Lua on my Palm should be evidence of that :)

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