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[lcdproc] config file

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  • From: ed.hunter AT (Ed Hunter)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] config file
  • Date: Mon Oct 1 17:01:02 2001

joris AT

> Yes, you're right. There are some other things that are not in
> correspondance with what we have discussed in march. We had

Hmm, is there some example config or at least list of changes to be made ?

My idea is: global section, section for each driver, section for each
display, optional section for each application. The output in
application cmd line should be targeted to display, not driver - it's
the task for app to select appropriate driver

the driver section should define driver wide config - for example, file
with dynamic driver or host optimization flags (if there will be any)

display section would define ouput device, display size and driver to use

app section could define default display for given application or whatever

(I apologize if it's already decided and discussed)

>>BTW - I have already proposed - FreeCiv has parser for .ini files. Maybe
> Ah, this looks like a complete parser... However it's very complex
> and huge with all the possibilities. I don't understand why they did
> not use use flex/yacc. With this complexity, I would say it is
> asking for bugs.

Heh, maybe yes :) On the other hand, it also defines an interface to it,
not only parsing

Jarda Benkovsky

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