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[lcdproc] config file

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  • From: joris AT (joris AT
  • Subject: [lcdproc] config file
  • Date: Mon Oct 1 16:43:01 2001

> > On Sept 26th, David created a file called LCDd.conf in the CVS tree, so
> > I guess he's working on something relating to this.
> >
> > The file is accessible at:
> >
> >

Thanks for pointed to this, Guillaume.

> I just wonder, why is the display size bound to driver??? It should be
> bound to actual display. Driver should be able to serve more displays.
> (I guess there are historical reasons, but that should not stop nobody
> for 0.5 version :))

Yes, you're right. There are some other things that are not in
correspondance with what we have discussed in march. We had
some kind of consencus that it would be a samba-like format. The
example here is not samba-like, but more apache-like. Now maybe
that does not matter for the config file, but an advantage of a
samba-like file is that you can use the same syntax on the
command line.

> BTW - I have already proposed - FreeCiv has parser for .ini files. Maybe
> it could be useful to embrace it? :)

Ah, this looks like a complete parser... However it's very complex
and huge with all the possibilities. I don't understand why they did
not use use flex/yacc. With this complexity, I would say it is
asking for bugs.

My preference is still a more basic parser, maybe without the
possibility to write files (can be added later). We want lcdproc to
remain small, right ?


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