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[lcdproc] HD44780 Display corruption Problems

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  • From: tlafeir AT (Tracy Lafeir)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] HD44780 Display corruption Problems
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 20:13:17 -0400


I just began using LCDProc ver 0.4.1. I installed a Seiko L2014 20x4 LCD
screen on a parallel port. It is using the 'winamp' wireup. I am running
slackware 7.2 (Linux kernel v 2.2.19)
I am initilizing this display using LCDd -d HD44780 "-p 0x378 -c winamp"
The system I am running it on is a pentium 2 - 233 with 64 megs of ram, and
a 20 gb hard drive.

After about 5 minutes or so, the display will start to corrupt, lines 1 and
three will be out of alignment by 1 or 2 spaces with lines 2 and 4. after
about 2 more minutes, the display will just begin displaying garbage
characters. I can correct the problem just by running the LCDd command
again. This display works fine on a windows pc using the winamp plugin.
I have tried adjusting the upause(40) value to about 66 (info from a
previous post to the lcdproc mailing list), to no avail. The display still
corrupts, but later then it did before/

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Tracy Lafeir.

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