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[lcdproc] Cursors on Matrix Orbital displays....

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  • From: glen AT (Glen Gray)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Cursors on Matrix Orbital displays....
  • Date: 13 Jun 2001 18:11:36 +0100

> Who knows? It might not be so irritating after all; we certainly (when
> things are configured right, that is :) can't see the LCD refreshing as it
> is ... if the hardware cursor is implemented right (i.e. an internal timer
> determining whether the blinker is on or off, that can't be manipulated by
> software and is guaranteed to be consistent), it should actually kick some
> ass.
Cool, I'm getting all excited now :-)_

> LCDproc does definitely include overhead, but it also takes care of much
> of the grunt work in dealing with the LCDs. Look at the parallel stuff, in
> particular. I would *not* want to develop that myself, and I am still in
> awe of the folks here who pulled that stuff off :)
I decided that there would be too much overhead time wise to do that. So
I tried a different approach. Managed to compile the LCDd server with
MtxOrb driver statically using dietlibc. 76k. Cool. I'll do something
similar with my rescue program and then give it a test.

I'm also doing some stuff with Lilo at the moment. I've managed to get
it to load an image using a single key stroke (undocumeted feature, just
add single-key to the top of lilo.conf and have your labels as 1 char,
at the prompt press H or what ever and presto it loads, no CR required).
Also got it using the serial options to display "boot:" on the LCD
panel. I press the F1 key on the MatrixOrbital BLK-202 panel and it
loads one image, I press F2 and it loads a different image. This allows
me to set the box to run in a rescue mode.

I need to make some tweaks to Lilo to tidy up the display. Perhaps
something like, if serial is set and then when piping the boot prompt to
the port I prepend it with some escape codes to clear the screen and
turn on the back light.

This is so much better than doing VB :-)


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