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[lcdproc] Trouble using FreeBSD and HD44780 drivers

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  • From: benjamin_tse AT (TSE,BENJAMIN (A-Australia,ex1))
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Trouble using FreeBSD and HD44780 drivers
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 16:23:01 +0900

G'day Joris,

> I'm starting to know the driver quite well. Some other point for
> changes are the lptPort and port definitions (sometimes the first is
> used sometimes the other),

By all means fix this - this has largely been caused by having 5 or so
people write the code over the span of 5 years :-).

> the distributed parameter parsing and the

I'm not sure exactly what you mean here but I agree that the parameter
parsing is a mess. I think that the use of getopt would improve things

> serialLpt interface (didn't work until i selected another LPT
> line for EN).

OK, I've never tested this interface - I was relying on Andrew McMeikan to
tell me if it worked or not. I've only physically tested the 4-bit, winamp
and lcdtime interfaces.

> If you wouln't mind, I would like to make these a bit more
> consistent too.

Sure go for it. While you are at it, how about being able to select the
delay method on the commandline and to tweak the delay period from here as

> Wade Hampton suggested that it would be nice to place the lpt port
> defines in a separate file. If we have an other LPT driver
> (like for a
> graphical display) we can use the same defines.

Wade's idea is good.

> So I hope you're not offended...

Not at all :-)


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