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[lcdproc] Strange LED display - can anyone help?

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  • From: andrew AT (Andrew Kurowski)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Strange LED display - can anyone help?
  • Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 21:01:04 +0100

I was recently given a 20 character by 2 line, 7x5 VFD that was originally
in a till at the shop where I work weekends. I'm having trouble identifying
what it is and how it works, so I was wondering if anyone had any clues. It
was badged Siemens Nixdorf but upon opening the plactic casing it turns out to
be made by NEC, it has the codes 151-860182, 151-862345, HY-2V-0,
on it, a 6-pin PS/2 mouse style socket on it, into which plugs a cable with a
male DB9 on the other end which goes into the till. It has a couple of TI
chips on it which say J402 AJ76 SN75 5733FT.

Hope that's enough information for people to say yay or nay to. I would test
the output from the tills and play about with the input to the display but I
don't have a spare till and don't want to risk blowing the display. Also,
not got the programming skills.

Hope someone out there can help.


ps. in case you didn't notice, I'm new around here ;-)

Andrew Kurowski |
andrew AT

Limp Dekoratorz: "Keep rollerin', rollerin', rollerin'..."

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