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[lcdproc] Debugging a strange Matrix-Orbital Problem

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  • From: mike-list AT (mike wakerly)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Debugging a strange Matrix-Orbital Problem
  • Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 10:51:19 -0700 (PST)

Hello All,

I just installed LCDProc to test my Matrix Orbial
20x4 (LKD -- wide voltage) display. You know, the one
it seems LCDProc was written for.

Which is why I'm going bonkers wondering if I have a
software/host problem here or if my LCD has bought
the farm!

The Problem: When I run LCDd, the display seems to
flicker -- eg, I can see the display refreshing
(maybe a dozen or so times per second).

ALSO: I get strange artifacts! For example, if I just
run the memory module, the middle two lines seem
okay, but where the heart should be in the top right
corner is a flickering quazi-heart distortion.

(Incidentally, I've also noticed the back of the
display just above the power connection seems to get
very warm; never noticed this before but I'm sure
I've given it the correct [12vDC] voltage.)

I don't know what could cause these problems; it
seems like I can write ASCII to the display just fine
(I'm using linux... simple `echo hello
> /dev/lcd`).... no artifacts.... but LCD proc
introduces something that makes the display go batty.

I have a possible list of problems; if anyone could
offer any insight (or if you've experienced something
like this), I would much appreciate the info.

Possible sources of the artifacts (ordered by
decreasing probability):
* LCD damage? (static zapped something?)
* Incorrect host BIOS setting? (running Linux on a
$500 Compaq is not fun...)
* Matrix-Orbital BIOS something-or-other?
* Bad cable/shielding? (Unlikely -- artifacts are
very consistent in where they do and do not occur)


[PS: I realize this might end up being a Matrix-
Orbital problem, but if no one minds I thought this
list might have a bit broader knowledge; so far,
anyway, I have only had this problem with LDCproc).]

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