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[lcdproc] Trouble using FreeBSD and HD44780 drivers

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  • From: cj AT (CJ Baar)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Trouble using FreeBSD and HD44780 drivers
  • Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 18:23:51 -0600

OK--Finally got it to compile and run! :)

You suggested:

>#if defined HAVE_IOPERM
>if ((ioperm (port + 2, 1, 255)) == -1) {
>if( (IOPerm = fopen("/dev/io","r"))==NULL ) {
> fprintf (stderr, "HD44780_init: failed (%s)\n", strerror (errno));
> return -1;
>I don't have physical access to the freebsd box, so I can't check if the
>LCD works, but at least it compiles... 8)
>Is there anyone who could try this beast and see if it works?

I still had trouble with the word "IOPerm" in there, so I tried this:

if ( fopen("/dev/io","r") == NULL ) {
fprintf (stderr, "HD44780_init: failed (%s)\n", strerror (errno));
return -1;

This compiled successfully, and I can execute LCDd. Note also that I had
to make sure /dev/lcd was pointing to /dev/lpt0.

I can now successfully run the server using:
LCDd -d HD44780 "-p 0x378 -c winamp"

I can't get any of the clients to run, but at the moment I don't care about
that. I've tried just manually sending commands to port 13666 and that
works... but it's extremely slow.

NOW... issue is speed. When I pipe commands to the server, it takes between
2 and 5+ seconds for the server process to respond with "success"... then
it takes the LCD display about 2 seconds to update the entire screen.

Is this the best performance I can expect out of the parallel port, or is
there some refresh/data transfer values somewhere that can be tweaked?
Should a serial display (Cfontz or Matrix) be faster?

ALSO... do I get rid of the blinking heart in the upper-right corner of the

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