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[lcdproc] lcdproc style project

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  • From: merlin_jim AT (James McCracken)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] lcdproc style project
  • Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 07:50:18 -0500

>From: I Blizard
>User wears an LCD display (prototype based on matrixorbital 20*4), this has
>a serial IR (IrDA compliant) link to a linux machine.
>The linux server is running something similar to lcdproc, which
>communicates to the LCD via a TCP/IP client -> server connection.
>1. User wakes up - logs into the website with username and passwd.
>2. They set up their training schedule for the day, choose how many lenghts
>they aim to do at the swimming pool, how many laps at the running circuit,
>how many sets of exercises to do in the gym etc...
>3. They go to the gym first, point their training aid (LCD device) at the
>Infra data port and download their schedule - this obviously requires some
>form of authentication to the server in order to download the correct
>information - and maybe even some generic training schedules.
>4. Whilst the user is training, the device monitors heartrate and can also
>record lap times (stop-watch funcitonality).
>5. The user is about to finish their session and downloads their
>information back to the data port which should then update that users
>profile on the webserver.
>6. The user gets home and logs onto the website - it should have a
>recording of their laptimes, heartrate, maximum/minimum etc.

>From your description of the device, it'll have to be an intelligent device.
You might want to look at running lcdproc on it. Or, if you're running on
a microcontroller, just write custom software for it.

Your other option is to build a bunch of sensors into the device and then
build a solid-state computer that digitizes the information and sends it via
the IR port, including location. In this case, you can run lcdproc on the
server and have the client pass received bits directly to the LCD screen.
But you'll need to hack up lcdproc to be able to pass the bits IT receives
to whatever data monitoring program you have. It can be done, and in fact
we'll be building this kind of functionality into lcdproc v0.5 (keypresses,
but it's the same idea)
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