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  • From: wwf AT (William W. Ferrell)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] menus
  • Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 08:09:09 -0700

* Joris Robijn
(joris AT's
mailer blew these chunks:
> >
> > What it does is whenever you press a button, it sends a code to
> > either LCDd or the current client.
> >
> > It's pretty simple right now. It just sends letters "A"
> > through "Z", and A-D are taken by LCDd. It lets you go to the
> > previous / next screen, and navigate menus.
> Yes, question about those menus.
> Many keypads (including mine) have only a limited number of keys. In
> principle a menu should be completely navigatable with 4 keys, and it
> works perfectly with my display. What's the plan for the menus... Are
> all the other functions also reacheable with only 4 keys ? I saw there
> is a (mainly unused) "Screens" menuitem in the LCDproc menu, is this
> meant for this purpose ?

Yes. Among other things. Here's a menu structure I sort of had planned
for LCDproc v0.5 (all of it is usable with only 4 buttons).

LCDproc Server ->
Devices ->
[List o' All Devices], then for each device:
Contrast [127]
Backlight [x]
Blink Backlight [x]

Options ->
General ->
Screen Time [0m05s]
Allow Priorities[x]

Screen Order ->
Order by Priority[x]
Manual Ordering ->
(###) Screen Title
(###) Screen Title

Clients ->
[List o' All Clients], for each client:
Info ->
Screen List ->
Connection Stats->
Disconnect ->
Request Restart ->
System ->
Arbitrary Command

Yeah, the system menu will probably go away since it's a gaping security
hole. Unless one were to assign a password to this and activating a
command produced this:

** SHUTDOWN ********
Password: __________
[ENTER] Submits

The third line would be a scroller that the user moves through with the
left and right (up/down, whatever) buttons and picks the letters of the
password. It'd need to be echoed (but I suppose we could make that
configurable too :)

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