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[lcdproc] HD44780

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  • From: wwf AT (William W. Ferrell)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] HD44780
  • Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 08:01:07 -0700

* Matt
(madmatt AT's
mailer blew these chunks:
> William W. Ferrell mentioned the following:
> | I think we're waiting on me (*sigh* again) to come up with a decent
> | start for a protocol before *anything* happens with v0.5.
> Holy cow! He lives! :)

Hehehehe. Don't let that rumor get out though :)

> I've been a bit slack lately as well, I can quite rightly blame my
> workload at Uni tho'... I've still got some prototype code kicking about,
> but it hasn't been touched for ages. My virtual GDK LCD screen is almost
> finished as well, but needs finishing off...

I've not been very productive either lately ... got promoted at work,
but of course that means more work. :) The other contributing factor is
that I don't ride the bus to work anymore -- that used to be 2 hours a
day of guaranteed "dammit, I'm frickin' bored, oh look here's LCDproc on
my notebook to hack away at!"

Of course now that winter's here and it's *freezing* outside (I live in
Colorado), there's lots more free time on the weekends, so hopefully
I'll be ramping up again.

William W. Ferrell, Senior System Administrator, Global Crossing Ltd.
950 17th St Ste 2200, Denver, CO 80202 1.303.223.0564

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-- Oscar Wilde

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