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[lcdproc] HD44780

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  • From: benjamin_tse AT (TSE,BENJAMIN (A-Australia,ex1))
  • Subject: [lcdproc] HD44780
  • Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 09:00:23 +0900

Hi guys,

A few things to keep in mind before you all go off and code another version
to the HD44780 drivers:

- The latest version is in sourceforge. Download it and compile. I need a
little help finding the semaphore operations on some systems - if you can
provide me with some extra info (e.g. distribution, or just go through some
man pages) we can fix this.

- 8-bit versions have been done. Why waste time creating another version
with slightly different wiring? The web-site below details possible wiring

- Display times have been improved - Charles has made further refinements
here (once again use the version on sourceforge).

- The version at the website below is functional - it was very decent timing
but doesn't have Charles' further timing improvements. Nevertheless, it
describes some of the new functions added in the past 6 months.

Chris, can you elaborate on how the heartbeat doesn't work?

There regularly seems to be email about same HD44780 problems. I suggest
reading the webpage below or the HD44780 readme file in sourceforge. Even
better, maybe it's time for a FAQ or details on the webpage.


> If you do get the code from Sourceforge and are able to compile the
> HD44780 drivers, I'd like to know about it. I had problems when I
> tried to compile with the HD44780 drivers enabled. It could be
> something I'm doing, but I'm kind of at a loss.
> Also, there is a LCDd binary out there at -
> odular-driver.html
> I donwloaded the binary and got it working with my HD44780 display.
> About the only problem is that the "heartbeat" doesn't seem
> to display.

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