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[lcdproc] Newbie questions [SUMMARY]

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  • From: cstein AT (Charles Steinkuehler)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Newbie questions [SUMMARY]
  • Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 16:21:37 -0500

> I jsut don't know which mails had gone to the list, and which
> directly to other people, so here is the summary:
> - LCDproc runs much too slow (3..4 times) only when writing to the
> HD44780, in text or curses mode, the speed is OK.
> - client crashes at some screens (CPU, BigClock, )
> the CPU screen produces no errormessage,
> lcdproc shows "huh? Shut up!" after BigClock crashes
> > ok, try grabbing a copy from it
> > more likely to be correct, or go to for an older
> > should work well) copy (on the LCD page).
> I tried the versions 0.4pre[2..9], always the same result
> The archieves from sourceforge or opendesign seems to be
> identical with the ones on (at least the
> error...)
> The 0.3.x.x version are _only_ for MatrixOrbital Displays, so I cant
> run them, right?

Try using the 'latest' code from sourceforge. Not the 0.4pre9 download
version, but the code from the CVS tree. Instructions for getting the code:

The latest CVS code includes a vastly different driver for the HD44780, and
some tweaks I made to the built-in delay routines. Make sure you tell the
driver which pinout you're using (the new HD44780 driver supports several
different LPT to LCD wiring schemes...specifiable at run-time). Also,
you'll need to run '' in the lcdproc directory to create the
initial makefiles & need to have autoconf and automake installed
for this to work.

Also, does lcdproc crash when running the CPU and BigClock client in text or
curses mode, or only on the LCD?

Charles Steinkuehler ( mirror)

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