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[lcdproc] Newbie questions

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  • From: andrew.mcmeikan AT (McMeikan, Andrew)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Newbie questions
  • Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 10:37:19 +0800

I will have a bit of a go at helping you with the speed,

your computer should be heaps fast enough. Is the update fast using text
output on your console?

can you provide some details of how it is connected and where you downloaded
from and any changes or configuration you may have made.

cya, Andrew...

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> From: Jaepke Lesselich
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> Subject: [lcdproc] Newbie questions
> em...
> The messages on this list don't seem to be the right place for my
> questions, but I don't know another place to ask..
> I'm Sorry if I'm off-topic here!
> My questions:
> 1: Where to ask theese kin of questions ?
> 2:
> I just installed lcdproc 0.4 pre 9 on my system, running SuSE 6.4
> on a Pentium 120 with 64meg RAM with an HD44780 (20x4)
> It runs, but a have a few probs.
> the client (lcdproc) terminates after showing the screens (exept the
> System Load screen - I think because it runs in a loop ?) and the
> server shows only the 0 Clients and 0 Screens Message.
> Is this the normal way ? how to fix?
> The heartbeat, scrolling and screenchanges and -refreshs are
> _very_ slow (refresh about every 4 seconds, time between client
> connecting and showing the first screen about 30seconds,
> heartbeat changes every 3 seconds) is my mashine sooooo slow ?
> can I fix it ? (how?)
> I want to run lcdproc on system start:
> I'm not so experienced with linux, but I think I have to put a script in
> /sbin/init.d which can handle the options start and stop, and put
> links on this script in the directories for the runlevels....
> my script calls for starting the client
> /lcdproc-0.4-pre9/clients/lcdproc/lcdproc & || return=$rc_failed
> just like the other scripts in init.d, but bash don't like the &-
> character!
> it return: "syntax error near unexpected token '|'" if I remove the &
> lcdproc get started, but the client stays in foreground and bash
> timeouts the call. Quoting the call does not help - just an other
> error.....
> Can anyone help me please
> thanks.
> J. Lesselich
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