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[lcdproc] Newbie questions

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  • From: jless AT (Jaepke Lesselich)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Newbie questions
  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 15:12:36 +0200

The messages on this list don't seem to be the right place for my
questions, but I don't know another place to ask..
I'm Sorry if I'm off-topic here!

My questions:
1: Where to ask theese kin of questions ?
I just installed lcdproc 0.4 pre 9 on my system, running SuSE 6.4
on a Pentium 120 with 64meg RAM with an HD44780 (20x4)

It runs, but a have a few probs.
the client (lcdproc) terminates after showing the screens (exept the
System Load screen - I think because it runs in a loop ?) and the
server shows only the 0 Clients and 0 Screens Message.
Is this the normal way ? how to fix?

The heartbeat, scrolling and screenchanges and -refreshs are
_very_ slow (refresh about every 4 seconds, time between client
connecting and showing the first screen about 30seconds,
heartbeat changes every 3 seconds) is my mashine sooooo slow ?
can I fix it ? (how?)

I want to run lcdproc on system start:
I'm not so experienced with linux, but I think I have to put a script in
/sbin/init.d which can handle the options start and stop, and put
links on this script in the directories for the runlevels....

my script calls for starting the client
/lcdproc-0.4-pre9/clients/lcdproc/lcdproc & || return=$rc_failed

just like the other scripts in init.d, but bash don't like the &-
it return: "syntax error near unexpected token '|'" if I remove the &
lcdproc get started, but the client stays in foreground and bash
timeouts the call. Quoting the call does not help - just an other

Can anyone help me please


J. Lesselich

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