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[lcdproc] Statistics gathering

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  • From: madmatt AT (Matthew J Dainty)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Statistics gathering
  • Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 12:24:10 +0100 (BST)

Just browsing, (and bagging some of), the sourceforge tasks, and the
"Statistics Gathering - *nix" sprung up. I'm not sure if it ever got
mentioned, I think it might've, but did anyone ever look at libgtop?
AFAIK, it was used by GNOME as a "standard" way of getting /proc-like
information on many Unices, and I wondered if this would solve the

I think the only ones that wouldn't be supported outright are Windows, and
possibly, BeOS...but I could be wrong here.


PS. Can anyone send me the relevant I2C code, (wherever it is :), so I can
get that to fit nicely into the driver structure?

PPS. Where do I find the X Matrix Orbital emulator thingy? I nearly
started one last night to cut my teeth on GDK programming, but got tired
instead :)

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