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[lcdproc] Okay, time for some coordination :)

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  • From: wwf AT (William W. Ferrell)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Okay, time for some coordination :)
  • Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 17:51:50 -0600


Alright, this is my first stab at this, so be gentle if I step on toes
or seem "bossy" here. Gentle but firm "uh, no, you idiot, that won't
work" comments are welcome :)

I know a few people are working on pieces of the LCDproc rewrite (myself
included, although so far I've just been hammering away at documenting
the protocol), but I'd like to start organizing all this before it gets
too far along.

We want all the pieces in *one* place, even if they don't work together
yet :) Might as well start using Sourceforge for all this stuff.
To this end, here's what I'd like to do.

1) I've set up a module in CVS called lcdproc-0.5, and put a skeleton
directory structure there. Remember that files and directories can be
moved around later if we need to, so if you've got something you think
can fit into CVS right now, shove it in there. I'll be putting up my
protocol documentation tonight (in docs/protocol). There's a few
rudimentary README files (mostly just saying things like "TODO: Write
this properly" :)

2) I've created a *BUNCH* of items in the task manager. Most are
unassigned. I'm *fairly* sure I've set up the permissions right on
Sourceforge to let people modify tasks, so if you want to develop a
certain piece of LCDproc, assign the appropriate task to yourself. If
you think of any tasks we should have on the list that aren't there
already, feel free to add them. Also, PLEASE don't panic about the dates
I put in there. They were complete and utter guesses, although to be
perfectly honest we're damned close to on-target with those dates :)
(Basic Design is the currently "due" item, due today, and I think we're
fairly close to hashing out the basic ideas). There are *NO* deadlines
here -- it's done when it's done, and that's only when each and every
developer says "yes, this is good, let's paint it yellow and ship it."

3) Mailing lists are good clean fun but we need to discuss whether to
move lots of our discussion about LCDproc's design to the forums in
Sourceforge instead of talking about it on the list here. Lots of ideas
seem to get lost here (mostly my fault, I know, sorry :(), and it might
be easier to keep track of things if we keep it all on a forum. Just a

What else of SF's can we use to make things go more smoothly? The
compile farms would be helpful once it's ready to start distributing,
but not before... uh, mailing lists, but we have that already, and bug
tracking, but it's hard to track bugs before we've coded them into the
software! :)

Begin chucking comments at the list (or the forums :)

William W. Ferrell, System Administrator, Global Crossing Ltd.
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-- Ambrose Bierce

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  • [lcdproc] Okay, time for some coordination :), William W. Ferrell, 09/18/2000

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