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[lcdproc] LCD Built-In To a Fujitsu C6577 Laptop

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  • From: lcdproc AT (Mike Stevens)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] LCD Built-In To a Fujitsu C6577 Laptop
  • Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 10:12:56 -0700

It was a dark and stormy night (Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 07:27:32AM -0600),
when William W. Ferrell wrote:
> * Mike Stevens
> (lcdproc AT's
> mailer blew these chunks:
> > Greetings-
> >
> > I recently purchased a Fujitsu C6577 laptop, which contains a 24x2 (I
> > believe...) LCD in the front (dubbed the "CoolView" panel by the
> > company).
> there's a good chance we can talk to it too.

Bitchen'! :-)

> Can this software run on a machine that *doesn't* have a display like
> that in it?

I don't know. I could try, if that'd help....

> Can the display be disabled in the BIOS (or by a Windoze proggie)?

Not in the BIOS -- I've gone through every menu to no avail. Even
with the windows tools, there are not many tools to configure it.

For windows, there is a program to activate/deactivate the LCD, but it
has no documentation whatsoever.

> Heh, if anyone from Fujitsu is reading this and wants to send me a
> sample unit (*wink*) please feel free, and if even a *little* bit of
> information tags along I'll get a driver going :)

Unfortunately, Fujitsu isn't well known for helping the open source
community write code for their hardware, and I don't expect them to
come to the rescue this time either. It's a shame...their laptops run
Linux exceptionally well. It's a pity, but not unusual.

> More seriously, if anyone else on the list knows about these things,
> toss the info my way. Thanks! :)

Definitely. I realize that this may delving into 'off-topic'
territory, but on previous models, there was similar Windows software
that activated a small LED light in the front of the panel, which was
configured with similar tools, to do the "New Message Notification"
that is now displayed (more verbosely) with the LCD in Windows. I
have found a UN*X hack to control the previous model's LED, here:

Then I found a site where a guy has been hacking together a driver
for the rest of the buttons, as well as the 2x1 LCD found on those
older models, here:

He also has a tremendous amount of technical detail for the hardware,
so that should provide a lead-start.

It's quite possible that these hacks contain most of the work that
would be needed to configure and access the 24x2 LCD display on the
newer Fujitsus.

Then again, IANAL (err....make that "hacker"), and you would all know
better than I what it takes to drive these things.

Anyway....thanks for any help you may provide.

-- Mike

PS: If anyone is in the market for a laptop, I would *strongly*
recommend these Fujitsus. This is the third one I've bought, and
I've been extremely pleased with them. Their customer service has
been phenominal, and they run Linux very well (Red Hat linux works
without any configuration hassles).

~ Michael A. Stevens ~ PGP Key: 0x5AD3597C ~

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