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[LCDproc] Intro and current status Q?

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  • From: wwf AT (William W. Ferrell)
  • Subject: [LCDproc] Intro and current status Q?
  • Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 07:23:39 -0600

* Matt
(madmatt AT's
mailer blew these chunks:
> Nathan Yawn wrote:
> | I thought I saw a CVS mentioned in the web pages, but I couldn't find
> | an address (sourceforge, perhaps?) Does the public have read access to
> | the CVS? (Heck, is there even any v0.5 code yet?)
> As far as I know, there isn't any 0.5 code yet, unless William has been
> quietly hacking away :)

Heh. He has :)

So far I've just been taking my first stab at documenting the protocol.
New doubly-linked list code is finished, just need to make it a library,
and the socket code is close to finished. Again, it will become a
library. I think we're not gonna need a "shared" directory anymore --
anything that's shared between client and server is going to be stuffed
into a library. Sound good, anyone?

> I've got some spare time now, so I might try and get some sort of rough
> prototype working for the driver loading code...

Oooh, that'd be lovely! Go for it :)

> | Sorry to seem pushy, but I need to show some progress to the higher up
> | (plus I'm kinda excited to see this gizmo work!). Thanks for any
> | updates you can point me to...
> At the moment, I'd recommend to try and hack something for the 0.4 series.
> The 0.5 code will take a while to stabilise and things are likely to
> change constantly as it develops.

I agree with Matt here.

Have a look at our Sourceforge page:

Really all the developers should have a look too :) I've set up a
*completely* tentative excuse for a schedule, just getting design work
and basic development started and progressing.

I'd love to use Sourceforge more actively to manage this project, it's
just too useful :)

But yes, LCDproc v0.5 will take awhile. I think shipping LCDproc v0.5
would be a nice Christmas/[insert_favorite_december_holiday_here]
present to the world :) So take some more stabs at v0.4, it's still
gonna be around for awhile.

Also, I'm not suspending development on v0.4 completely -- I intend to
continue accepting patches for it and applying them to v0.5 whenever
appropriate. No new features (that I know of) are planned in v0.4, and
it *might* even be released "properly" (i.e. non-"pre") before v0.5
ships :)

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