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[lcdproc] I2C bus (was XML...)

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  • From: dglaude AT (David Glaude)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] I2C bus (was XML...)
  • Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 08:13:26 +0200

For the WinTV card,
try to identify one of the I2C eprom,
find the schematics of those eprom and you will find the 4 conector.

On my WinTV the I2C bus goes from eprom to tunner to a connector
where you put the IR receaver (and sVideo?).

So one solution is to hack the IR receaver.
Another solution, because the need to load those eprom,
is to find the four contact and attach jumper metal pin to get contact.


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David Glaude wrote:

| I2C is supported by the Linux kernel.
| It should be standard in 2.4 (that's what we hope).
| There is a bunch of programer working on LM-SENSOR that
| also support the I2C support into the kernel.

You can also patch the 2.2.x kernels. I have been using 2.2.16 with the
lm_sensors package to get the temp sensor from my laptop.

Basically, we can use the standard kernel i2c calls, it should work
independently of whatever method we've used to hook the display up.

| Option for having I2C in your PC are (check driver availability first):
| Parallel adapter (easy to use but might consume CPU time)
| Serial adapter (cost a lot more money and energy to build)
| Use a TV tuner card (WinTV)
| Use a new video card with composite output (Voodo 3D?)

If it'll plug onto a WinTV card, my friend just got one, I'll have a look
for the i2c connector on his card. Which means I can poach his TV card for
"development purposes" :)


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  • [lcdproc] I2C bus (was XML...), David Glaude, 09/01/2000

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