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[lcdproc] lcd drivers in kernel

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  • From: wwf AT (William W. Ferrell)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] lcd drivers in kernel
  • Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 07:16:27 -0600

* Thomas Ko
(thomasko321m AT's
mailer blew these chunks:
> How about moving the lcd-drivers into the kernel?
> there we have a direct link to the serial drivers, to i2c-calls and the
> hardware drivers go where they should be - in the kernel!
> The graphics display could be interfaced through a kernel video
> framebuffer like the drivers for ati, permedia,....
> the text displays are standard pty-devices.

We have a direct link to everything anyway. All this would change is
that /dev/lcd would be a real device instead of a symlink. We still have
to open the thing up and spew things at it. :)

Something like this would never be accepted into the mainstream kernel,
either, methinks.

> the server application could then be optimized for servicing the clients
> and the drivers could be used from whatever application you want - even from
> X (for graphics).

It's going to be optimized anyway :)

As far as using it from whatever app you want, that's what the client
API is for.

> the interface has to be done right. all other things are no real problem.
> what do you think about it?

My vote is "nay". :(

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