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[lcdproc] problem with contrast

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  • From: leko AT MIT.EDU (Aaron Solochek)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] problem with contrast
  • Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 02:28:38 -0400

I have the original matrix orbital display, running lcdproc 0.4-pre9.
My problem is with the command line handling. I like to set my contrast
to 200, since the default is way to hard for me to see from the angle my
screen is at. the problem is I envoke LCDd with the following "LCDd -d
MtxOrb "--contrast 200" " Getting a script to include that quoted
--contrast statement has prooven quite difficult. I was wondering what
I can change to fix that? Is there another way to change the contrast?
Below are the startup scripts, they don't work, because of this reason.
Any help anyone has for getting this script to work would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.

-Aaron Solochek

leko AT

I basically took the debian default lcdproc script, and broke the
commandline stuff into two parts, the server and the client. Its
probably not the cleanest way to do this, but I'm not much of a
programmer. I've tried just about every method imaginable for getting
those quotation marks to work, with no luck. I'd be glad to try
anything again.

#! /bin/sh
# skeleton example file to build /etc/init.d/ scripts.
# This file should be used to construct scripts for
# Written by Miquel van Smoorenburg
<miquels AT>.
# Modified for Debian GNU/Linux
# by Ian Murdock
<imurdock AT>.
# Version: @(#)skeleton 1.8 03-Mar-1998
miquels AT


test -f $DAEMON || exit 0


if [ -f $cfg ]; then
. $cfg
if [ "$runatboot" == "no" ]; then exit 0; fi
if [ -n "$server" ]; then cmdlnc="$cmdlnc -s $server"; fi
if [ -n "$port" ]; then cmdlnc="$cmdlnc -p $port"; fi
if [ -n "$driver" ]; then cmdlnd="$cmdlnd -d $driver"; fi
if [ -n "$device" ]; then cmdlnd="$cmdlnd -d $device"; fi
if [ -n "$contrast" ]; then cmdlnd="$cmdlnd \"--contrast\ 200\" "; fi
if [ -n "$modes" ]; then cmdlnc="$cmdlnc $modes"; fi

set -e

case "$1" in
echo -n "Starting $DESC: "
$DAEMON $cmdlnd &
$CLIENT $cmdlnc &
echo "$NAME."
echo -n "Stopping $DESC: "
kill `pidof -o %PPID lcdproc`
echo "$NAME."
echo -n "Restarting $DESC: "
kill `pidof -o %PPID lcdproc`
sleep 1
$DAEMON $cmdline &
echo "$NAME."
echo "Usage: $N {start|stop|restart|force-reload}" >&2
exit 1

exit 0

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