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[lcdproc] SPI over parallel - please test kruftware

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  • From: andrew.mcmeikan AT (McMeikan, Andrew)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] SPI over parallel - please test kruftware
  • Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 14:33:18 +0800

Hi All,
could someone who has a crystalFontz display please test this
program? it needs the '-O' flag to compile and needs to be run as root(or
suid root)
wired as follows
PC parallel port pin function
1 SCK (clock)
14 MOSI (data)
2 CS0 (select)
18 GND (ground)

this is the same wiring as the demo program from Brent Crosby.

The code reads standard input and spits it out to an SPI connected display
on the parallel port at 0x378

things it still needs :comments/structure :) command line options for port
and display number, some fancy mechanisim for handling more displays
(blocking multiple invocations nicely- i.e. CS line collision avoidance)

test by '
cc -O spi.c -o spi
printf "\014Hello World\r\nI am talking SPI!\r\n"|./spi

I think that SHOULD work

still looking at how it can be tied into the CF driver

cya, Andrew...

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