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[lcdproc] crystal fontz SPI over parallel

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  • From: andrew.mcmeikan AT (McMeikan, Andrew)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] crystal fontz SPI over parallel
  • Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 15:18:38 +0800

Thanks to those who sent me the Borland demo code.

It looks very easy to implement, although not having or even looked over the
crystal font code in lcdproc I thought I would just confirm what looks like
is needed and make my (kludgy) suggestion on how to do it.

my assumption #1. The data sent via SPI is the same data stream that would
normally be sent by RS-232
my assumption #2. The lcdproc code normally sends this data to
/dev/serial-port-of-choice and could be made to pipe it instead

my proposed way to do it (quick cheap, code over the weekend way): write a
small no brainer program that reads an input stream and sends the data out
the parallel port in SPI format as fast as it can (max of 18kbaud/ 55uS clk
period {oh no yet more CPU/nanosleep wars})

Big assumption, someone who knows/cares/maintains the crystalfont code (I am
sure someone does I have just avoided reading it) could make the trivial
change to pipe the stream out to an external program.

Flame suit: I know this isn't the most ideal way, but if no one objects I'll
have the stand alone code done for Monday and then Sean can have his display
up and anyone who cares can optimize it or re-write it as they feel later.

cya, Andrew...

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