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[lcdproc] spectrum analyzer?

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  • From: Scott Scriven <toykeeper AT> (Scott Scriven)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] spectrum analyzer?
  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 09:36:46 -0700

* D. Stark - EZW
<aostark AT>
> Has anyone done any development on a spectrum analyzer? I
> mean, besides the xmms plugin. If no one has, I'd be glad to
> step up to the job. I want one for my mp3 box, and I was going
> to hack apart extace (the neato-keen esound visualizer). While
> its for an mp3 player specifically, a setup like this would
> visualize anything that that passes through esd. If this has
> already been done somebody can throw a URL at me and I'll shut
> up, but I've not seen anything like this yet.

There is nothing but the xmms plugin so far. I'd love to see
one, though.

To make it look good, it'd be nice to have more than 8 fps
(which is what LCDd currently uses). We need to figure out a
way to make LCDd support variable frame rates, so it can do
cool stuff like the spectrum analyzer, yet also support
displays which aren't very fast.

Do you think a command-line parameter for frames-per-second
would be adaquate? LCDd could tell clients what speed it is
using when they connect.

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