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[lcdproc] Re: Linux infrared control support

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  • From: linux AT (Harald Klein)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Re: Linux infrared control support
  • Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 21:33:03 +0000

Benjamin Tse wrote:
> Howdy,

Hi all!
> At the risk of being pillored by one of the involved parties (as often
> occurs in situations like this), I thought that I'd add a general
> observation. As a general disclaimer, I have only had a cursory look
> at the code and emails involved and am not making any judgement at
> all.
> Most people in this forum have contributed to the code in some
> way. And everyone deserves some credit whether through generating
> ideas, design, testing or actually implementing things. As with any
> open source project we need to ensure that this doesn't go unnoticed.
> In the mad rush for "egoboo" someone's efforts might go unnoticed. And
> at the end of the day we need to be careful that we don't lose someone
> who is willing to contribute. Otherwise it might be perceived that
> this project isn't fair and a developer's/tester's/designer's work
> won't get credit. In this situation we run the risk of losing active
> and potential contributors. The ultimate result being that the project
> stagnates.

as i wrote before i have no problem at all with sharing the credits.
Im awaiting a diff from David for the lirc readme to merge in to the

> What it comes down to is the perception of a community that gives due
> credit and is willing to listen to potential contributors. And each of
> us has a role and responsibility in using the facilities provided
> (mailing lists, cvs etc). Keeping this in mind might help us to avoid
> threads like this one.

I agree.

At this point a great THANK YOU to all parties involved.

Lcdproc is sooo wonderful.
Lirc is sooo wonderful.

(alphabetically listed :)

Keep on coding, Harald

> Regards,
> Ben
> On Tue, Jan 18, 2000 at 02:16:54PM +0000, EXT Harald Klein wrote:
> > btw, why didn't YOU integrate your driver into the cvs tree?
> ...
> > David Glaude wrote:
> > > I am very angry and frustrated!!!
> > > I did implement an Lirc and an IRMAN input driver for LCDd (from
> > > lcdproc)
> > > more than 3 month ago.
> > > My code was sended to the lcdproc maintainer and lcdproc mailing list.
> > > It was suppose to be included in the main distribution (maybe it never
> > > did).
> > >
> > > I don't wont to undermind anybody's work and I don't know who to
> > > blame...
> > > But please can I keep the CREDIT for my free time spend in making
> > > testing my
> > > driver.
> > >
> > > Personnal message to Harald Klein
> > > [linux AT]:
> > > "Could you take a look at my driver and see if you like it,
> > > if you can use my code and merge it with your code
> > > to make it a better driver?"
> > >
> > > I am not playing with lcdproc for some time now, mainly because of Real
> > > Live(tm), but also because I had to wait a very long time before my
> > > enhancement where introduced into the official distribution (before the
> > > CVS). However I am still actively watching the mailing list.
> ...
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