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[lcdproc] 4 * 40 LCDisplay supported??

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  • From: S-O.Luebke AT FH-Wolfenbuettel.DE (Sven Lübke)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] 4 * 40 LCDisplay supported??
  • Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 14:35:52 +0200

At 09:21 28.10.99 -0600, you wrote:
>On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, Sven L=FCbke wrote:
>> I plan to buy a 4 * 40 char LCDisplay (not a Matrix Orbital
>> one) with a HD44780 chip onboard. I heard that these displays
>> have two "E" pins. Is this display suppoerted by LCDProc?? If
>> no, what will happen if I only connect the one E pin first??
>> Is it possible to support these displays in the future?? Thanx
>> for answering questions...
>The 40x4 HD44780 displays are not supported. They will be, as
>soon as someone writes a driver which can handle it, though.

This requires an extra pin of the parallel port or is there
any other possibility??

>The screen is split in half, with a separate controller for
>each half. This makes things somewhat complex; and the display
>is generally slow anyway.

Split in half?? In which way?? First two lines are activated, which
would be okay or any other combination?? If it's the first, I think
I would buy a 4 x 40 display and leave the second E pin unconnected.
Will this work??

>On the bright side, I just added support for arbitrary display
>sizes. Not everything works well on strange sizes, but the
>server at least knows a little about how to deal with it.

How does the Hitachi chip works?? If I set E1 high (or low) I enable
the first two lines and if I set E2 high (or low) I enable the
last two lines?? That would be the easiest way, but it won't be that



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