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[lcdproc] LCDd suggestions

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  • From: runge AT (Thomas Runge)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] LCDd suggestions
  • Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 14:34:10 +0200

After playing around with lcdproc and porting it to FreeBSD I tried
to write my first client.
I found some inconveniences in the protocol, so I want to suggest
some improvements.

- every command sent should get a reply.
This makes developing clients easier and more secure. What I'm
doing right now is writing everything to the socket and some time
later I get a "huh? <almost unmeaningly error description>". And
I don't know, which of my commands it belongs to.
If I get a reply every time, I can send a command, wait for the
reply. If okay, send next, else try to find the problem and so
- it's not nice of the server to send a 0 to mark the end of
transmisson. Better leave it with a "\n". But thats a matter
of taste...
- as long as we don't get a reply on every command, it would be
nice to get the complete wrong message back, to see, what went
- I don't like, that the statistics screen stays that long open
blocking the important ones. How about showing it just for
only 1 sec?

So, whats the status of development for lcdproc? The last update
was months ago. Did it stop? There are so many features not
implemented, yet.


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