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[lcdproc] newbie hd44780

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  • From: bfarrow AT (Bill Farrow)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] newbie hd44780
  • Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 10:53:34 +1000

> I have a whole bunch of hd4470 lcd's and would like to use them with lcd

I wired up one last weekend. The code in LCDproc for the hd4470 LCD
controller chips comes from "lcdtext" (by Matthias Prinke) or one of
the derivatives ("lcdstat4", "lcdtime").

You might like to get those packages down as well and have a play.

LCDproc-0.4 only supports 4 line displays, but LCDproc-0.3 runs 2 line
displays I think.

The pinouts are like so : (From lcdtext)

1.1 Connecting the LCD to a printer port

LCD printer port
Pin signal Pin signal

1 GND 18..25 GND
2 +5V --- *)
3 Vadj. --- *)
4 RS 6 D4
5 RW 7 D5
6 EN 8 D6
11 D4 2 D0
12 D5 3 D1
13 D6 4 D2
14 D7 5 D3

Getting the supply voltage:
Use a floppy supply connector, get it from the game port, take some
and a capacitor and get it from the port's data lines, get it from the
connector or whatever you like. Be save to avoid short circuit. You
need only
3mA at 5V! (if you have the same type lcd)

Connecting the contrast adjusting pin (Vadj.):

(variable resistor)
Vcc ---| 10k |--- GND


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