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[lcdproc] lcdproc 0.4-pre5 client problem...

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  • From: dglaude AT (David Glaude)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] lcdproc 0.4-pre5 client problem...
  • Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 11:13:07 +0200

I don't know much about your problem but:
1) Your client receave a signal because you try to write in a "Broken
2) This mean the connection to the server has some kind of problem.
3) You could get more info by checking errno(?) when you receave a -1.
4) Now I don't know why you get this signal but you could either ignore
or handle this signal,
check the LCDd server code where signal are ignored to avoid dieing.
5) The only solution your client will have, if the pipe is
closed/broken, is to open a new
6) There is a problem in the server code, the signal seems to be handled
so we don't die.
But the broken pipe is not detected and the server continue to try to
write in it.
The server should forget about that client and stop writing there...
7) Why is this pipe broken???
Is it a local TCP connection (not across a network)?
Can you repeat the same bug again and again?
Can you reduce your client to the minimum piece of code making the

Well, I hope it help.


Personnal favor:
can you tell us more about your "web-interfaced mp3 jukebox"
and the think you want to display with your client.

By the way, if someone need to troubleshot the server,
he may need your client to reproduce the bug.

PS: I don't have the time right know, but I am interested. ;-)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: gandalf
> [mailto:gandalf AT]
> Sent: lundi 19 avril 1999 20:49
> To:
> lcdproc AT
> Subject: [lcdproc] lcdproc 0.4-pre5 client problem...
> hi all
> together with a friend, i'm currently trying to write an "lcd client"
> love the lcdproc 0.4 client/server model!) for my web-interfaced mp3
> jukebox. i got 2 client programs which manage to get some stuff
> everything looks very nice, but after some while, the clients tend to
> for no apparent reason... this is an strace of a client just when it
> close(4) = 0
> munmap(0x4000e000, 4096) = 0
> write(3, "widget_set mp3lcd mp3-1 1 2 20 3 h 1 "..., 39) = 39
> write(3, "widget_set mp3lcd mp3-2 1 3 40 4 h 1 "..., 49) = -1
> EPIPE (Broken
> pipe)
> --- SIGPIPE (Broken pipe) ---
> +++ killed by SIGPIPE +++
> root@mir:/home/gandalf > sock_send_string: socket write
> error: Broken pipe
> Message was: listen mp3lcd
> sock_send_string: socket write error: Broken pipe
> Message was: ignore mp3lcd
> sock_send_string: socket write error: Broken pipe
> Message was: listen mp3lcd
> these messages keep repeating and seem to be coming from LCDd...
> LCDd is also still displaying the screen the client created,
> but of course
> it is not updated any longer...
> i'm using bleeding-edge scroller features and stuff, so the
> problem might
> be there...
> but since i'm a bit new to programming, i'm really a bit at a
> loss here, my
> program seems to work fine, i really can't tell what causes
> these crashes...
> we looked through the code of the example clients and the lcdproc
> and can't really find much differences in the way we talk to LCDd
> has anyone seen anything like this before? ;)
> gandalf

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