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[lcdproc] Announce: LCDproc V0.4-pre4

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  • From: scriven AT (Scott Scriven)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Announce: LCDproc V0.4-pre4
  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 18:11:36 -0700


New version. New stuff...
+ Server menus (fairly small so far)
+ Ability to shut down, reboot, change some options, etc (menu only)
* Driver arguments no longer required
* Curses driver doesn't start server in background any more...
* Argument handling fixed...
* Drivers support "--help" for command-line info

Or, mostly bugfixes, but also has nifty menus. It's handy if you have a
keypad, joystick, or other input device. Works wonders for shutting down
after the occasional X or SVGAlib lockup.

It still needs a config file.. badly. :)

Also, since it might be helpful to know... (from input.c)

Currently, the keys are as follows:

Context Key Function
------- --- --------
A Pause/Continue
B Back(Go to previous screen)
C Forward(Go to next screen)
D Open main menu
E-Z Sent to client, if any; ignored otherwise

A Enter/select
B Up/Left
C Down/Right
D Exit/Cancel
E-Z Ignored

The curses driver uses the arrow keys for A,B,C,D, such that Left=D,
Right=A, Up=B, and Down=C.

The joystick driver lets you choose which "keypresses" the buttons/axes
should produce.

... and the rest of the planned input handling weirdness isn't implemented

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  • [lcdproc] Announce: LCDproc V0.4-pre4, Scott Scriven, 02/22/1999

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