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[lcdproc] 0.4Pre3 Segmentation Faults ??

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  • From: scottg AT (Scott Gilbert)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] 0.4Pre3 Segmentation Faults ??
  • Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 18:55:50 +0000

When I start the LCDd server version 0.4pre3 I immediately
receive a segmentation fault. 0.4pre2 ran fine for me.
Since I don't hear anyone else on the list complaining, I
assume that not everyone has the same problem.

I'm running a stock, current (all RH updates applied) RH5.2
system on a P/166 with 32Meg. As far as I can tell, no core
dump is generated.

If I run it using the 'text' or 'curses' drivers (with "dev
/dev/ttyp2"), it seems to run ok, but when the MtxOrb driver
is specified, the segfault occurs. I think the default
(compiled in) device is correct (/dev/lcd is linked to
/dev/ttyS1 which is correct).

Curiously, I can specify the device on the command line when
the text or curses driver is specifed, but not when the
MtxOrb driver is specified, I get:

wiz:/usr/src/lcdproc-0.4-pre3/server $ ./LCDd -d MtxOrb
"dev /dev/lcd"
Invalid parameter: dev
Invalid parameter: /dev/lcd

Wow, I just realized that when I specify the device, it
complains about the parameters, but it doesn't segfault, and
now appears to be running healthily. This leads me to
believe that, by default, it is using the wrong device
(which causes the segfault), and when the correct device is
specified, that device is used even though it complains that
the parameters are invalid.

Boy, I am confused. Does anyone have any
suggestions/ideas/insights on all this?

(btw, I've been using earlier version of LCDproc for many
months. Its a wonderful tool. Many thanks everyone who
contributed its development!)

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