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[lcdproc] LCDProc for MtxOrb 20x2 Displays

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  • From: scriven AT (Scott Scriven)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] LCDProc for MtxOrb 20x2 Displays
  • Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:47:50 -0700

Lorand Bruhacs wrote:
> LCDProc is cool. So cool that the company I contract for has a desperate
> need for a port to Matrix Orbital 20x2 displays. The reason for this is
> that the 20x2's fit into one drive bay, saving space on servers.

Support for non-20x4 displays will be added gradually, but surely. To
start with, clients can explicitly support other sizes as soon as the
server recognizes 20x2, etc... The main LCDproc client will do this,
and we'll have 20x2 versions of each screen.

Other clients can act as if the screen were really 20x4, and the
contents will scroll on a 20x2.

And, for bigger screens, the server will (eventually) display multiple
20x4 screens at once, unless the clients explicitly take advantage of
the bigger screen.

Unfortunately, none of this is done yet. I hope to get the first part
working today so I can get the main client working on 20x2's.

> However, I'm not done yet ... it would be neat if someone could give me
> some tips on how to design multi-screen modes, instead of writing new
> modes for each screen. This works, but is messy and breaks stuff in

With most things, you'll need to condense the info to 2 lines, split the
screen into multiple screens, or scroll the information. The code in
V0.3.4 is rather messy, so it'll probably be a pain to do. It might be
easier to modify the screens in v0.4 instead, or just wait for
"official" 20x2 support.

In v0.3.4, there is a way to make the "mode" display more than one
"screen". You can return a "wait" value to main, keeping the screen on
longer than normal. The disk-use screen does this so it can scroll.
But for multiple screens in one: If the counter is within normal
limits, display screen A, but if the counter is higher than that,
display screen B. In either case, return "wait" until the screen is

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