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[lcdproc] FreeBSD port

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  • From: s.stjerneby AT (Sune Stjerneby)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] FreeBSD port
  • Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 13:30:33 +0100


What's happening with the FreeBSD port of lcdproc? Last time I tried,
the server compiled more or less under a 4.0-CURRENT system, but most
clients still depend on the Linux-extensions to /proc.

I've also tried running a Linux-binary of both the server and various
clients without much success. I reverted to an older release (without
server/client structure) and am using the [O]ld time screen for the

Is it going to be released as a set of patches for e.g.
/usr/ports/sysutils/lcdproc/ or as a part of the distribution?

* Sune Stjerneby
<s.stjerneby AT>
* VAX-11/VMS, ULTRIX-RISC & Berkeley UNIX (BSD) operator.
* http://www.NetBSD.ORG, http://www.FreeBSD.ORG
* Berkeley UNIX: 22 years on the VAX.

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