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[lcdproc] 5 volt power supply....

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  • From: edwalter AT (Erv Walter)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] 5 volt power supply....
  • Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:25:01 -0500

On Tue, Aug 11, 1998 at 02:02:36PM -0400, Vikram Kulkarni wrote:
> Hi... can anyone tell me where I can find a 5V power supply... I'd like to
> keep my computer under my desk... but have my LCD on top... and I don't fee
> like running a cable out of my box just for the power supply...
> I'd like to build a little case that has a 120VAC power cable and a serial
> cable sticking out of it...

You can't just use a 5V AC Adaptor from someplace like Radio Shack.
See the mailling list archives at for a long discussion
on why this won't work and several suggestions. If you want to use a
AC Adaptor like this, you need a 9V adaptor and you need to solder on
a 78M05 voltage regulator. See the thread with the subjects '78M05'
and 'Power'. If you want to see how added my 78M05, email me for
instructions. Matrix Orbital asked me not to randomly broadcast those
instructions since they can a) damage your display if you aren't
careful and b) it's easier to just by the display with the 78M05
already installed. If you *really* want to know, email me, and I'll
give you the instructions.


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