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[lcdproc] Backlight

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  • From: rhansen AT (Rob Hansen)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Backlight
  • Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 10:57:48 -0600

I was going to agree with Ben on this one, but Shane makes an interesting
point. There are displays in the pipe that may well have EL backlights
instead of LED backlights (or maybe not 'cause I hate EL). Anyway, EL
backlights have a "half life" of generally about 1000 hours, and so need to
be on just when you are looking at the thing (like Indiglo). We were going
to provide them for applications which are very power sensitive, but a
workstation is definitely not this. I'm going to make a blanket statement
and say that EL backlighting is probably a real bad idea for use with
LCDproc and an LCDproc user should really select a display with an LED or
CCFL backlight.

Of course, this does nothing to help solve the problem because you still
gotta sleep...

Rob Hansen

hardwire wrote:

> Even though the backlite is rated for a long time.. some people might
> want to use EL-Backlited lcds.. And some just do not want there to be a
> green glow when they sleep...
> I have a solution I think.. if somebody(Scott,Will,THE WORLD!) is smart
> enough to code it (I know little C under linux) to peek at
> "stdout/stdin" and "stderr" then give that a timeout.. if no std* action
> happens for 5 minutes turn off the backlite....
> That would solve the idle problem, user's not logged on problem, RC5
> problem, and sleeping problems.. I think
> Remember I know jack about this sort of thing. Anyhoot..
> Shane Spencer
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