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[lcdproc] Backlight

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  • From: dosowski0474 AT VAX2.WINONA.MSUS.EDU (Dale Osowski)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Backlight
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 22:54:25 -0500

This recent talk about the backlight made me start thinking. (That
could be dangerous. :-)

I've been thinking that there could be better ways of deciding when the
backlight should be turned on/off. I'm running RC5 on my computer, so
my loadavg almost never goes below 1.0, so that with the original code,
my backlight never turns off. I changed it so that it turns off if
MAXLOAD goes below 1.05, the backlight turns off, but even then it isn't
always nice. Sometimes when I'm not doing anything on the computer, the
loadavg might jump up to 1.06 or so and make the backlight come on for a
few minutes. On the other hand, sometimes when I am doing something on
the computer, it might not be very CPU intensive, and the backlight
turns off while I'm using the computer.

I thought of a couple other ways of doing it, but maybe somebody else
could come up with other ideas. One way would be too look at whether
somebody is logged in or not. If nobody is on, turn off the backlight.
Or, if you stay logged in all the time, maybe look at idle times. If
the longest idle time of all the users is over a certain amount of time,
turn off the backlight. One idea that I did play around with a little
bit (unsuccessfully) was to look at loads from some of the previous
passes through the xload screen. If they are all within a certain
amount of each other, that would mean that not much change is going on,
so probably somebody isn't doing too much on the computer: turn off the

(there is a perfect example. As I sit here writing this email, my
backlight just turned off about 5 seconds ago.)

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled email...

Well, anyway, let's here what other people have to say about it. Maybe
some better suggestions might come in.

Dale Osowski
dosowski0474 AT

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