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[lcdproc] Security

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  • From: scriven AT CS.ColoState.EDU (ToyKeeper)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Security
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 13:16:14 -0600

Chris Smith wrote:
> I know this was yonks ago but I've just implemented a connection
> security thing in some code and thought it would also apply to LCDProc.

Well, feel free to send code, and we'll probably be able to use it. :)
For now, it just accepts connections from anywhere, anybody. I'd love
to see it be more secure.

> Something else which you may want to consider for version v04 is
> configuration of LCDProc via a config or resouce file.

This is already half-done, and it'll configure quite a bit of stuff.
:) For now, though, we've been putting more and more options in the
Makefile. That reminds me:

V0.3.4 should be out today -- my motherboard finally arrived, so I
should be able to access the files I was missing. I'll post in a few
hours if it works.. :) The new version will let you specify which
drivers to include (now supports hd44780), in the Makefile, and has
improved curses output. The disk screen has more accurate/less buggy
information now, and the memory screen is more responsive. The
backlight behavior is more configurable, and there are also other
miscellaneous changes.

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