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[lcdproc] Security

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  • From: csmith AT (Chris Smith)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] Security
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 12:07:41 +0100

> I've been working on the socket interface to allow external input to
> LCDproc. Things look good so far, but there's one nagging problem:
> security.

I know this was yonks ago but I've just implemented a connection
security thing in some code and thought it would also apply to LCDProc.

When you 'accept' a connection, you get the IP address back of the
connecting host. You can then check this against an authorisation file
which contains a list of IP addresses or host names (use gethostbyname).

This gives you machine connection authentication but not user.

I implemented User validation within my communication protocol
in much the same way as POP3, by sending USER:xxxxx and PASS:xxxxx
strings in the protocol header of my message.

All very very simple but works great (if you're really worried then
use MD5 encryption instead of USER/PASS... It's really easy too).

Something else which you may want to consider for version v04 is
configuration of LCDProc via a config or resouce file.

This file would let you specify everything from backlight flash to
display mode order, and also the IP addresses (or hosts) from which
client connections are permitted and the username/passwords accepted.

Even the text strings used in the default display modes can be defined
in the config file, allowing people to chuck local language strings in
instead (Deutch etc).

In fact, there is probably so much that could be configured from a
config file that I would officialy like to add this to my wish list!

Oh, that was probably $0.03 worth!

Chris (Suffering from weak power supply induced backlight fliker.....)

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