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[lcdproc] RE: Power - 7805 differences

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  • From: csmith AT (Chris Smith)
  • Subject: [lcdproc] RE: Power - 7805 differences
  • Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:21:11 +0100

> Well, that's what I was thinking, too, but it was pointed out that it
> isn't regulated, so you could end up frying the display. The two best
> options I've seen were from Erv and Chris. Erv mentioned getting a
> 78M05 chip and soldering it to the display. Chris talked about a 7805
> chip to make a little regulator thingy I think.
> What I'm wondering is what is the difference between the two? Are these
> actually two different chips? Which of the two would be
> better/easier/cheaper/whatever? (or are they cheap enough that cost
> isn't an issue?)

I've just looked it up, and the difference between 7805 78L05 and 78M05
is just the amount of current the devices can source.
i.e. 'not very much', 100mA, 500mA respectively.

The LCD display requires > 100mA to run, and so the 78M05 is required.

Finally an answer!


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